Letter To House

In addition to a phone call to your member of the House or Representatives, writing a letter and getting others in your district to do so will help get their attention. It’s been said that for every letter they receive, they believe 1,000 other constituents share the concern.

It’s suggested to mail the letter to your local district office, rather than the Washington, D.C. office. It’ll get opened faster. For the address go to https://www.house.gov/representatives.

Next, here are two options.

Letter to House of Representatives, then open it in Notepad and customize it as needed.

Or copy and paste the following into your word processing software and customize it as needed.



Re: Upcoming vote on Sec. 702 of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Hello Congressman NAME,

Thank you for your willingness to forward this to your counterparts in Washington, D.C. Here’s just a bit of background, then a specific request regarding legislation.

The 9/11 attacks created a national state of emergency which was used as a basis for military invasions in the Middle East, as well as violations of civil liberties at home. The whistle-blowing action of Edward Snowden brought public attention to the unprecedented scope of spying on all Americans. The FISA Amendments Act of 2008 was passed in an attempt to legitimize abuses of power which Snowden revealed. Title VII contains these provisions which have loopholes enabling the NSA to spy on all Americans, in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Despite the appearance of certain protections of civil liberties in Section 702, in practice the NSA has not adhered to them. Snowden and others have further reported that more than metadata was being collected, but actual contents of digital communications. Furthermore, telecom companies have been complicit. Members of Congress and others in the political process are also vulnerable to abuses from the Surveillance State. It happened to Rep. Jane Harman in 2009 when she sought leniency for two pro-Israel lobbyists under investigation for espionage.

Again, this has all been predicated on the 9/11 attacks. However, Oliver Stone’s documentary called “A Good American” contains many public statements by NSA whistle-blower William Binney and colleagues which amount to shocking revelations about the NSA’s actions before and after 9/11. William Binney and Ed Loomis had designed a technology called THINTHREAD which would have detected certain elements of the 9/11 plot, thereby enabling law enforcement agencies to intercept and prevent the attacks. This technology was also in adherence with protections on personal privacy, with three levels of encryption. Binney also said in a radio interview in early November that the recent terror incident in lower Manhattan as well as others across Europe all should have been prevented. Binney and colleagues also openly state that the NSA’s programs are set up to fail, although the programs contain hallmarks found in totalitarian governments, inconsistent with a democratic republic. This obviously leads to serious implications.

Here’s the current crossroad we’re at as a nation. Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act ( FISA ) is set to expire on Dec. 31st. This is the language which allows for warrant-less spying on all Americans. However, there is legislation to make spying legal and permanent. There is also opposing legislation to push back and limit the NSA’s invasion of privacy.

Please urge Congressman NAME to co-sponsor and vote for H.R 4124, the U.S.A. Rights Act, submitted by Zoe Lofgren. Ideally, this needs to happen right away, since Congress goes on recess on December 15th. Also, please urge the Congressman to oppose any legislation which seeks to make Title VII of FISA permanent.

There has been a cover up on the NSA’s role in preventing the detection of the 9/11 plot, as well as the unconstitutional nature of NSA surveillance programs. This cover up must be exposed and transparency must be called for. I urge Congresswoman Velasquez to demand the House Intelligence Committee for action. It’s the duty of every member of the House of Representatives to uphold their oath to protect the Constitution. This is a matter of demanding actual justice for the 9/11 attacks and just saying no to the tyranny of the surveillance state. My vote will depend on it.

For a full overview exposing the NSA’s agenda to create Big Brother on steroids, see here:


Lastly, I urge the Congressman and staff to view “A Good American”, which is available on Netflix. The film contains interviews with four different whistle blowers on NSA malfeasance which all Americans must become aware of. Thank you again for your consideration to this urgent matter.

Towards transparency, truth, and justice,