Action Alert

Stop the Surveillance StateWe’re calling on all Americans to raise their voices and call on Congress to allow Title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to expire on Jan. 19th, 2018.  Our civil liberties are at stake and all legislators are duty bound to uphold their oath to protect the Constitution.

Everyone has two state senators and one member of the House of Representatives. Use these links to identify your elected officials with their contact information. When you call, mention that you’re a constituent and want to convey your position on an upcoming vote.

A House vote occurred on Thursday, Jan. 11th. Now the Senate must vote by Jan. 19th. Beginning Monday, Jan. 15th, there is an urgent need to call both of your Senators. Call 202-224-3121  to be connected. See talking points below.

You can also write to your Senators at

Whatever occurs, there will be an ongoing need to organize and raise awareness of the NSA’s role in 9/11, waste of tax payer money, programs that have failed in averting any terrorist incidents, and prosecuting the real crimes of 9/11.


Talking points for your Senators:

Point #1

I urge you to vote against S. 139, A bill to make title VII of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 permanent. Similary, vote against S. 2010,  the FISA Amendments Reauthorization Act of 2017. These bills are unconstitutional. They allow for warrantless spying on all Americans in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Instead, co-sponsor and vote for S. 1997, the U.S.A. Rights Act submitted by Ron Wyden and Rand Paul.

Point #2

The NSA had the capability to prevent the 9/11 attacks as well as many attacks since, according to whistle-blowers such as William Binney, who was a 30-year veteran of the Agency. ​Instead, the NSA’s actions have undermined national security. It’s time that everyone in Congress knows the truth. The NSA’s national security policy is set up to fail.  It’s time to hold the NSA leadership accountable and to modify its current surveillance program. The NSA must implement the protections which were incorporated into the program called THINTHREAD which preserves our civil liberties, and would have thwarted the 9/11 attacks.

Point #3

Members of Congress and others in the political process are also vulnerable to abuses from the Surveillance State. It happened to Rep. Jane Harman in 2009 when she sought leniency for two pro-Israel lobbyists under investigation for espionage. It also happened against Pres. Trump during the campaign.

Point #4

Aside from what William Binney and his colleagues reported, it’s time to end the cover up and deal with more incriminating facts. With reports on the Able Danger data mining program, reports by FBI whistleblowers like Coleen Rowley and others, with FBI assets tracking the San Diego cell of accused hijackers as reported in the 28 pages, there is no way the NSA didn’t know attacks were imminent. There were evens drill practicing for attacks at the NSA and Pentagon. It appears nothing was going to stop what the Project For A New American Century referred to as a “new Pearl Harbor” to pursue “full spectrum dominance”. Now I urge you to demand the Senate Intelligence Committee holds the NSA leadership and any other sources accountable.  My vote will depend on it.