Declassification or More Deception?

There has been a recent surge of high profile media coverage of the cover up of key 9/11 evidence known as the missing 28 pages from the Congressional Joint Inquiry on 9/11. This evidence points to funding of a few of the Saudis blamed as hijackers being traced to certain Saudi royals and possibly government officials. The pages also are purported to contain information of involvement by other Middle East countries and reflect poorly on certain U.S. agencies. Although pressure has been gradually building over the past 3 years, over the month of April, the spotlight on the cover up of the 28 pages has been greatly magnified. Articles by the Jersey widows, public statements by key government officials, a 60 Minutes news segment on the 28 pages, and editorials by prominent news outlets such as the NY Times, USA Today, and many more have all accumulated to send a clear message to the Obama administration – the 28 pages must be declassified. Additionally, the senate bill known as JASTA, which allows legal action against foreign entities who carry out terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, must be passed.

However, the intrigue has deepened. For years the Saudis claimed they had nothing to hide and had no reservations about the release of the 28 pages. Then right after former Sen. Bob Graham was notified by the Obama White House that the review for declassification was under way, the Saudis threatened that they would sell $750 billion worth of U.S. treasuries if JASTA was passed. Recently, CIA Director John Brennan has made contradictory statements regarding evidence of Saudi involvement within the 28 pages. Now there is a an urgent need for the public to help the cause for total transparency.

Action Alert

On May 17, 2016, Bob Graham and Walter Jones met with Nation Director of Intelligence, James Clapper. The purpose was to make the case for full, not partial declassification. There is an urgent need to call the White House comments line, Mr. Clapper’s office, and both the House and Senate Intelligence Committees.

As of June 13th a major new development has emerged. A supporting resolution, H.RES. 779 has been submitted which sets the stage for members of Congress to reveal the 28 pages without waiting for the president. This creates a foundation for a new wave of lobbying efforts. You’ll find the phone numbers and talking points here.

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(updated June 16, 2016)


Continue below for more background on the 28 pages…


9/11 Commission ReportMillions of people recognize the falsehoods of the official narrative of 9/11 and truly desire full spectrum truth and justice. Millions know the failure and outright deception put forth by the official investigations, – the Congressional Joint Inquiry and the 9/11 Commission. They have seen mainstream news interviews with members of the official investigations who admit to their own serious misgivings of the outcomes of their reports. Thirteen years after, tens of thousands of people directly affected by the attacks continue to demand access to all the facts.  It is still up to government institutions to take the required legal action to provide access to those facts, solve this monumental crime and prosecute all responsible.

Because of the difficulty obtaining full justice at the highest levels and the unprecedented scope of this issue, there’s no telling which way the process will unfold. Now there is a bi-partisan resolution in the House of Representatives, H. RES. 14, which focuses on educating members of Congress and the public about a particular set of 9/11 issues described below. This effort has great potential to lead to a widespread unraveling of 9/11 myths. For all who have labored for truth and accountability, as well as all generally concerned with  the consequences of 9/11 at home and abroad, we have an opportunity to support this effort within Congress. Actually, we have an obligation to rise to a new level of political activism by working to create a groundswell of public demand that our elected officials become fully aware of the information that HR 14 seeks to make public, recognize its implications, and demand their support for its passage.

“It challenges you to rethink everything.” Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY)


Sen. Robert Graham
Sen. Robert Graham (D-FL)

H. RES 14 aims to declassify and release 28 pages that were redacted (or actually excised, according to Rep. Steven Lynch) from the “Joint Inquiry into Intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001”  which is an 860 page report written in 2002, prior to the formation of the 9/11 Commission. Former Senator Robert Graham, (D-FL), who was chair of the Joint Inquiry, has been demanding its release since 2003, including FOIA requests to the Obama administration — all to no avail. A group of 9/11 families filed suit in hopes that its contents would be revealed. Now in the wake of this action in Congress, they have filed an amended complaint. This law suit will benefit greatly from the release of the 28 pages.

To be specific, Rep. Walter Jones, (R-NC) and Steven Lynch (D-Mass) have drafted this resolution named H. RES. 14. As of this date 18 members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors. The underlying purpose for the release is (1) government must be more transparent, (2) the families deserve to know, and (3) releasing the redacted section is necessary to better manage our current national security.

Consider the following statements these Congressmen made after reading the 28 pages:

Rep. Steven Lynch: “The 28 pages show the extensive advance planning before 9/11…”. He alludes to collaboration “with other governments” — not just Saudi Arabia — and “government agencies.”

Rep. Walter Jones: “I was absolutely shocked by what I read. What was so surprising was that those whom we thought we could trust really disappointed me…It does not deal with national security per se; it is more about relationships. The information is critical to our foreign policy moving forward and should thus be available to the American people.”

Rep. Thomas Massie: “I went into the soundproof, secret room here in Congress and read those 28 pages. And it was a really disturbing event for me to read those. I had to stop every two or three pages and rearrange my perception of history. And it’s that fundamental — those 28 pages….It certainly changes your view of the Middle East…We need to declassify those 28 pages….There is nothing in there that would affect our national security. Some of it may be embarrassing; that is why I believe those 28 pages have been withheld…The American people deserve to know what happened and what led up to 9/11 so that we can prevent the next one.”

9/11 Commission, Tom Kean, Lee HamiltonAdditionally, members of the 9/11 Commission, notably co-chairmen Tom Kean and Lee Hamilton, support the declassification and release of the 28 pages. Former Congressman Hamilton on C-SPAN coverage of the 9/11 Commission Report 10th Anniversary on July 22, 2014 stated “I am embarrassed that they are not declassified. We emphasized throughout transparency. And I assumed incorrectly that our records would be public—all of them, everything. And then when I learned that a number of the documents were classified and even redacted, I was surprised and disappointed. I want those documents declassified. I am embarrassed to be associated with a work product that is secret.”

Co-Chair Tom Kean even states he thinks more should be declassified, which means the public can demand the release of testimony by Sibel Edmonds and William Rodriguez.

It’s pretty much a certainty that members of Congress are fully aware of how previous members who raised hard questions about 9/11 were treated, with some being driven out of office. Consider the following:

Cynthia McKinney – Raised questions about foreknowledge and challenged Donald Rumsfeld to explain how the  $2.3 trillion he spoke about during his press conference of September 10, 2001 went missing

Curt Weldon – Demanded a public hearing on the data-mining operation “Able Danger”

Mark Dayton – Questioned the failure of NORAD’s air defense

Max Cleland – As member of the 9/11 Commission, he stated “America is getting scammed”.

Patrick Leahy and Tom Daschle –Opposed passage of the PATRIOT Act and received anthrax letters

The bottom line is that — this is an issue that Congress is willing to take action on. We must get behind it. The public needs full transparency on this issue which may lead to the release of other material, as well as indicate to the public that they haven’t been told the whole truth. This has the potential to begin unraveling the lies that so many independent researchers have uncovered during the last 14 years, such that the public might at long last be able to fully understand our military policy of the last 14 years, the repression of our cherished civil liberties at home. According to those who’ve read the 28 pages, releasing them will enable the public and policy makers to better understand the current conflict in Iraq and Syria, funding of ISIS, and the role of Saudi Arabia in conjunction with other states, in the funding of insurgent forces throughout the Middle East for the last 20 years. This has caused serious destabilization throughout the region, and has been used to incite fear at home. So in addition to opening the door to a wider inquiry into how 9/11 occurred and the underlying agenda, release of the 28 pages could cause a much-needed assessment of the basis for the global war on terror.